Donation to the Municipality of Ajdovščina

18. 03. 2022

Ivo and Taja Boscarol donated €25 million to the municipality of Ajdovščina for its social development and environmental improvement.
At a press conference on the occasion of the sale of the majority stake of Pipsitrel to Textron, Ivo Boscarol, who continues to be an important part of the company, announced the news about the donation.

»“Today, my daughter and I donated 25 million euros from the purchase price of Pipistrel, dedicated to large goals for the welfare of not only the Municipality of Ajdovščina, but the whole of Slovenia. The municipality of Ajdovščina is developing extremely fast. I am sure that with these donations it will also become the safest and friendliest ,” said Ivo Boscarol, who hopes that his example will be followed by his entrepreneurial colleagues.

On this occasion, Taja and Ivo Boscarol signed three letters of intent with Mayor Tadej Beočanin, stating the purpose of the donation.
The €20 million is intended for the construction of a medical centre and the infrastructure for the establishment of a multi-purpose helicopter service in a new logistics centre at Ajdovščina Airport, in order to contribute to better health care for citizens. This is a very important and invaluable acquisition for the municipality, and it will realise and enrich the plans for a modern logistics centre, where all the services in the field of protection and rescue will be combined.

Four million euros will be used to build a museum of aviation history and a science center in Ajdovščina, with a permanent exhibition on the history and achievements of aviation in Ajdovščina and the wider Goriška region, a science museum and various interactive animations for children and young people in the fields of technology and natural sciences. The location is planned north of the airport, as part of a municipal project for the development of educational and other public programs.

As a counterweight to the fallen trees and greenery, which were removed from the city and its surroundings in recent years due to new construction, a million euros are earmarked for the greening and horticultural improvement of the city of Ajdovščina and its wider surroundings. The purpose of this part of the donation is to provide a friendlier living environment.

Mayor Tadej Beočanin said:»The donation of €25 million by Taja and Ivo Boscarol to Ajdovščina is a historic event for our municipality. They dedicated it to the construction of a new medical centre with an emergency service, a pharmacy, an aviation museum with a science centre, a helicopter rescue operations and service, the purchase of the helicopter for rescue and firefighting, and the greening of Ajdovščina. We plan to complete all investments by 2026.

On behalf of myself and all citizens, I thank Taja and Ivo Boscarol from the bottom of my heart for the donation. On Tuesday, Ajdovščina was declared the most development-oriented municipality in Slovenia. This donation is so large that it will mean twice as fast development in the next four years. For comparison – the amount of the donation is equal to the average full-year budget of the municipality, or the value that the municipality has available for investments in four years.”

The signing of the Letters of intent was also attended by the most important actors in the field of health and safety in our municipality – Mr. Egon Stopar, the Director of the Ajdovščina Health Center, Mrs. Katja Krušič, Director of the Ajdovščina Pharmacy, and Mr. Igor Benko, Commander of the Civil Protection service of the Municipality of Ajdovščina. All three expressed exceptional gratitude on behalf of their institutions and the citizens. Mr. Benko emphasized how useful and important the rescue centre with a helicopter and a team on permanent standby will be for the region and Slovenia as a whole.

Ivo Boscarol said that he and his daughter were happy to be able to help such a successful municipality and explained why they had chosen these topics. “If you go to the existing health centre on a rainy day, you see that Ajdovščina is fully packed with parked cars, and if you are less mobile and would like to get to medical services and stay dry, most of the time this is not possible. At the same time, Ajdovščina is located in an exposed part of Slovenia, where the road infrastructure is very problematic and road rescuers often reach victims too late. Even a helicopter needs time to arrive from the Brnik airport. Many lives could or will be saved if the helicopter is available here day and night,” he explained. At the same time, he announced that this would not be their last donation, and he wishes that other successful companies would follow their example.