Existing investments

Ivo and Anastasia Taja Boscarol invest in various companies and other projects, including:

  • Adiposs SA, Geneva, Switzerland

The company is developing a product for medical imaging of brown fat tissue using standard CT imaging to help predict response to immunotherapy in cancer patients.

  • BATS Asia Pacific GA Tech (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd Jurong China

  • BATS Asia Pacific Aircraft Manufacturing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd Jurong China

  • BATS General Aviation (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd Jurong China

  • Huayang GA Airport Co., Ltd Jurong China

The companies are engaged in the representation of the Pipistrel brand in China and the construction and management of the Jurong complex, which comprises an airport, a housing estate, an aircraft manufacturing and servicing factory and a pilot training centre.

  • BikerGuard d.o.o.

Development of technology and production of mini electric wipers for motorcycle helmets

  • Bird Buddy, Delaware, USA

The company develops software and manufactures a smart bird feeder that includes a small video camera with a microphone and a motion sensor.

  • C-Astral

Provider of aviation solutions in the field of small fixed-wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

  • Ding d.o.o. Vipava, Slovenia

Catering and tourist services

  • Mare Santo wines, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Production of a prestigious own-brand sparkling wine with unique sea-ageing technology.

  • Odisejada d.o.o. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The company manages the Odiseja complex and is deals with cinematography, congress tourism and public events.

  • PKA Privatna kreditna agencija d.o.o.
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

The company provides individual and fast loans for companies and enterpreneurs.

  • Primorska Hranilnica d.d., Slovenia

Bank services

  • Sipaboards d.o.o., Kamnik, Slovenia

The company develops innovative patented technology and manufactures self-inflating SUP boards with fully integrated electric propulsion.

  • Tech4Meat d.o.o. Ajdovščina, Slovenia

The company is involved in the development and production of tissues from animal stem cells.

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  • Timtec Defence d.o.o., Vipava, Slovenia

The company designs and manufactures systems and products for aerial surveillance and defense against drones.