Ivo Boscarol

Ivo Boscarol is a pioneer of electric aviation and has dedicated his life to making aviation affordable and environmentally friendly.

He is the founder and co-owner of the Pipistrel group of companies, which designs and manufactures the most advanced light aircraft. With the world’s first type-certification of an electric aircraft in 2020, he laid the foundation for the commercial use of electric propulsion in aviation.

Boscarol is a highly recognized entrepreneur both in Slovenia and abroad. For 9 years in a row, he has received the award of Readers’ Digest magazine for “the most trustworthy businessman” in Slovenia. The Politico magazine ranked him among the 28 most influential people in the European Union. He was named a Living Legend of Aviation by the American Kiddie Hawk Air Force Academy. He was awarded the FAI’s highest award for contribution to aviation and the highest Slovenian state civilian award, the Golden Order of the President of the Republic of Slovenia.

In 2022, Boscarol sold the majority of Pipistrel shares to the Textron Corporation, in which he continues his vision of zero-emission aviation as the company’s honorary director. At the same time, he invests in various high technology projects, biopharmaceutics, medicine, alternative food production and defense programs, especially in airspace control and protection against drones.
He is the best-known philanthropist in the world of aviation and in his country. In 2022, he donated the largest amount in the history of his country, 30 million Euro, to various large-scale social projects for public good.

Taja Boscarol

Taja Boscarol was born in 1982. She attended high school in Ajdovščina and in 2006 she completed art study program at the Faculty of Education. She founded her own business for graphic and industrial design, arrangement and decoration. In 2012 she was employed at Pipistrel d.o.o. where she performed various tasks from designing and editing websites, design of promotional and printed materials for the company, to PR. In 2023, she joined the family company Boscarol d.o.o.