Ivo Boscarol donates a large sum to firefighters

03. 11. 2022

In the summer of 2022, when the worst wildfire in the history of independent Slovenia raged in the Karst region, entrepreneur Ivo Boscarol announced that he himself would double the amount of the government’s award to firefighters. In November 2022, he announced that he had indeed transferred €1.47 million to the Firefighters’ Association of Slovenia.

During the largest fire in the history of independent Slovenia, which destroyed 3,705 hectares of land, entrepreneur Ivo Boscarol promised to double the funds promised by the government to pay volunteer firefighters.

In a press release, he said, “The main motives for the donation were to thank them for their efforts, to encourage them to endure the hellish conditions for the next few days, to motivate the volunteers to join them and to let them know that all Slovenians appreciate what they do for the people and nature of the Karst.”

Collecting data on the participation of firefighters took a considerable amount of time. After receiving the necessary information from the Firefighters’ Association of Slovenia, the Government decided to provide €1,470,034 through the Firefighters’ Association for the participating volunteer firefighting organisations that participated in in extinguishing fires in the Karst area.

“This formed the basis for a donation agreement with the recipient, the Fire Brigades Association of Slovenia, according to which I transferred the funds in the amount of 1,470,034 Euro on 24. October, fulfilling my promise,” said Boscarol. “All the associations have already received their contracts for the amount of funds received, so the donated funds will be distributed among the individual organizations of volunteer firefighters, as soon as they return the signed contracts based on the datasheet showing the number of volunteers who participated in the intervention and the hours worked,” he said. explained the donor.

According to the contract, the Fire Brigades Association will distribute the donated funds among the volunteer firefighters’ organisations according to the criteria of the volunteers’ participation in firefighting. Each firefighter who worked on a fire site for up to eight hours will receive €63 per day, while those who worked more than eight hours per day will receive €94.5 per day.
In Boscarol’s view, each of them undoubtedly deserves a reward that is still too small for their selfless efforts. “I believe that the associations will use it in the most efficient way, so that they can replace the equipment that has been destroyed, buy new equipment and be even better prepared for future interventions,” the entrepreneur wrote. “To all the associations that contacted me and expressed their thanks, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and attention.”

With the contribution to the firefighters, Ivo and his daughter completed the disbursement of donations in the total amount of €30 million from the purchase price of Pipistrel. Part of the money was alocated to employees of Pipistrel and part for various projects of broad social importance, so that as many people as possible can benefit from them, the press release states.

Boscarol added that the donation was not intended to interfere with the existing method and concept of volunteer firefighting in Slovenia, or to turn it into paid interventions, “but to contribute as much as we can and to motivate others as well to contribute funds for additional motivation to those who have saved all human lives and indeed all the houses on the Karst with their efforts. An unprecedented success that we Slovenians are not aware of enough.«

“I hope that our donation to public healthcare for the construction of a medical center and a multi-purpose intervention center with a helicopter, which will come to life in 2025 in Ajdovščina, will contribute to faster interventions in the wider area of Primorska region and by the ability to limit wildfires in the initial stage, prevent fires of such magnitude as the one in the Karst,” writes Boscarol and adds that with the contribution to the firefighters , he and his daughter completed the planned donations of 30 million euros from the purchase price of Pipistrel.