The Managers’ Association of Slovenia presented a Lifetime Achievement Award

09. 02. 2023

On January 25 2023, the members of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia (MAS) gathered for their Annual General Meeting – a traditional gathering that symbolically marks the beginning of the new business year. They presented the Association’s Manager Awards, which are considered the highest business awards in Slovenia.

The Lifetime Achievement in Management Award is presented to individuals whose achievements and influence have made a mark in the history of Slovenian management. Previous recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award include Jože Mermal, Cvetana Rijavec, Danica Purg, Stojan Petrič, Cvetka Selšek, Bruno Korelič, and others.
The recognition for lifetime achievement in the field of management for 2022 was presented to Mr. Ivo Boscarol, the founder, long-time director and co-owner of the Pipistrel group.

As the Association’s committee wrote in the justification, Boscarol is one of the most prolific self-made Slovenian entrepreneurs since 1990, who turned the Pipistrel brand into a synonym for boldness, innovation and entrepreneurship, and put not only the company itself, but also Slovenia on the global map. They highlighted the breakthroughs that have placed Slovenia among the technological superpowers and mentioned Ivo as »excellent in creating added value, an example of innovation, insight, success and excellent leadership, whose hard work, big heart and feeling for his fellow man have established him in society not only as an outstanding entrepreneur, but also as an outstanding individual.”

Nataša Pirc Musar congratulates Ivo

The event was attended by distinguished guests, including members of government and diplomats. After presenting Ivo with the award, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, addressed Ivo Boscarol in her keynote speech. She marked him as a pioneer in the field of electric aircraft, alongside Edvard Rusjan, who pioneered the first flights more than a hundred years ago. She said that the Lifetime Achievement Award is one that highlights an individual whose achievements have made a mark in the history of Slovenian management and left a significant imprint on the economic and social spheres. She stated she was pleased that, in addition to these conditions, social responsibility is a quality that is not only a value of the Association, but also of the individuals who had received the Lifetime Achievement Awards. She concluded her speech with a wish to all managers in Slovenia to succeed in flying as high as Mr. Boscarol.

Ivo Boscarol during his thank-you speech

Ivo Boscarol began his thank-you speech with the words: “I am truly honoured, but also a little surprised, that the Managers’ Association has chosen me for this award. I have never been a member of the Association and I have based my management on criteria that are perhaps a little different from the norm in this harsh business world of ours.” He also said that his work over the last 33 years has proven that it is possible to be successful in the long term even with respect for basic human values and not putting profit first.