The Police Bike Riders online community posted news about Bikerguard

01. 07. 2024

The online community Police Bike Riders, which has more than 153,000 followers from all over the world, published news on their Facebook page about the Bikerguard wiper, which is currently being tested by the Slovenian police.

PBR is a community of all Police motorcycle enthusiasts. The topics of the group include the police, motorcycles and the riders. On their page, they share pictures and videos of police motorcycles from all around the world. Members say that there is no politics in the community, only a love of motorcycles and police work.

The page header of Police Bike Riders Facebook group

In their Facebook post PBR states that they were impressed by the quality and efficiency of the product, and believe that Bikerguard significantly enhances biker safety, especially during rainy conditions. They also announced a special discount for the first 500 followers of the Police Bikes Riders group who purchase the wiper! So quickly visit the page, where you can connect with like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts.

Police Bike Riders

Photo: PBR

On behalf of the Boscarol group, we would like to thank the PBR group for the announcement and wish them much success and pleasure in their work.

Stay safe and drive forward!