Entry into the Sipaboards company

29. 11. 2022

The company Sipaboards Ltd. ( is the first in the world to develop self-inflating electric SUP boards. The unique electric drive is integrated into the board, automatically inflating it to the required hardness. With a single battery charge, it allows for hours of propulsion, which can be controlled via a wireless connection on the handle of the paddle. The drive also has a built-in flashlight, which enables night underwater observation or a safe evening walk in the dark from the shore to housing.

A powered SUP board not only means more freedom and the ability to reach more distant destinations, but also greater safety, because with a selection of up to four different speeds, it allows a safe return in case of wind or waves, even for the physically less able users.

The propulsion system is internationally patent-protected and entirely the product of Slovenian know-how.

Sebastjan Sitar, founder and majority owner of Sipaboards d.o.o. and Ivo Boscarol at the signing of the contract upon capital entry into the company