Mission and vision

The Boscarol company continues its business policy in the spirit of traditional values, which the two owners have built up during the 33 years of operation in the Pipistrel joint operation and gained rich experience along the way. Therefore, our priority remains the long-term stability and success of our business, care for our employees and business partners, because only in this way can we ensure the basic conditions for fulfilling our vision and mission, which is primarily based on:

  • creating new business opportunities for Slovenian assets, knowledge and ideas, which can grow and deserve global attention
  • taking into account the needs of our fellow human beings and the local environment and naturein the light of all aspects of sustainable development.

All companies, projects and initiatives in which Boscarol’s owners invest in or the company is involved with, operate within this same context and with this business philosophy. In parallel with development and business success, it is also necessary to ensure a better tomorrow for each individual and the environment as a whole.
The areas of operation are very diverse, as it is a matter of business prudence in terms of diversification and thus risk mitigation, as well as identifying opportunities in different segments.

Boscarol d.o.o. creates new and supports existing Slovenian business opportunities by sharing experience, knowledge and capital, in order for them to penetrate and get established in the global environment, while respecting the needs of people and nature.

Boscarol d.o.o. will be one of the key players in identifying and strengthening business ideas in the Slovenian space, and a co-creator of competitive global products which will provide excellent living conditions at home.

Social responsibility

Already within Pipistrel, Ivo Boscarol has always adhered to the guidelines of sustainable business and maximum contribution to nature conservation. Pipistrel has followed the philosophy of its EcoLution brand both in its aircraft products and in its overall operation. All aircraft are designed to have as little drag and as much lift as possible, they can also fly without an engine and therefore consume much less fuel and consequently produce less noise and CO2 emissions. Pipistrel has managed to upgrade on all this by introducing and being the first to certify electric propulsion for commercial use.

The Pipistrel Development Centre was built in 2007 as the first energy self-sufficient facility in the country and includes 11 systems for the production, storage and rational use of green energy such as: solar power plant, cogeneration, geothermal probes, underground energy storage field, heat recuperation, low temperature regime of heating and cooling, smart lighting, etc.

Ivo Boscarol also has a long history of charitable donations and various support of projects for the public good. Already as the director of Pipistrel, he motivated his colleagues to participate in or organize various humanitarian or charity events.

In October 2008, when information about the blood shortage in Slovenia was received, 34 members of the Pipistrel team, including four co-operants, donated blood.

One of such prominent campaigns was, for example, a large charity campaign with a humorous twist: “A dozen naked visionaries”. Twelve of the Pipistrel’s team sharpest minds, development engineers, technicians and pilots, made a daring move and stepped in front of the camera lens without any clothes, covered only by parts of Pipistrel’s aircraft. They created a calendar called A Dozen Visionaries Stripped Bare. The original one-meter-high signed photos were sold at an auction led by the Slovenian stand-up humorist Sašo Hribar. The campaign received huge media coverage, and the total proceeds from the sale of calendars and the auction of photos exceeded EUR 5,000 and were entirely donated to the Sparrow of Hope foundation. The donation was used to build a new block of the hospital for disabled youth in Stara Gora and equip it with state-of-the-art equipment.

Under Ivo’s leadership, Pipistrel has been voted the best employer in Slovenia four times, which confirms his philosophy that employees are the greatest value and that people should be treated fairly and respectfully, to create a safe working environment for them that they love to return to.

In 2020, during the corona pandemic, Pipistrel d.o.o. together with its Chinese sister company Pipistrel Asia-Pacific donated 100,000 protective masks, 1,100 test kits for coronavirus and 300 thermometers to the municipality of Ajdovščina.

In 2021, Ivo continued its tradition of support to public healthcare and donated 25 defibrillators to the Municipality of Ajdovščina for installation in remote villages and locations all over the municipality.

Ivo Boscarol has been an ambassador of the Sparrow of Hope foundation from Nova Gorica since its foundation in 2009, raising funds for the hospital in Šempeter, department for disabled youth in Stara Gora and other humanitarian projects. Through his public performances, for which he never charges any fee or travel expenses, he raises funds for the Sparrow of Hope and motivates others to donate for the public good.

The owners also put their words into practice every day with generous donations to projects with a very broad purpose, so that as many people as possible can benefit from them, but above all in the local environment, from which they originate and which has stood by them the entire time.


  • Ivo Boscarol donates a large sum to firefighters

    Boscarol kept his promise and doubled the amount of the government's award to firefighters.

  • Donation to the Municipality of Ajdovščina

    Ajdovščina received 25 million EUR for the social development and environmental regulation of the municipality.


  • Vrabček Upanja – “The Sparrow of Hope”

    Voluntary, non-profit and non-governmental organization Fundacija Vrabček Upanja ("Sparrow of Hope Foundation") helps both individuals as well as society and the environment as a whole, especially the Department for disabled youth and rehabilitation in Stara Gora hospital, by purchasing the necessary equipment.