The founders of Boscarol Ltd. signed an agreement with PKA

24. 10. 2023

On 20 October 2023, the founders and owners of Boscarol Ltd. signed a long-term partnership agreement with PKA – Privatna Kreditna Agencija Ltd. to provide a financial resource in the amount of almost 20 million EUR.

In the business world, financing private investments and projects is an increasingly sought-after investment and market potential. The investors chose PKA Ltd. because it has a professional and ambitious team, which they believe can provide safe, yet marketable investments for their assets.

The agreement enables PKA to further expand and strengthen its business to become one of the leading professional players in the field of liquidity provision to business entities in Slovenia; and to offer an even better service to its clients.

This agreement is not only a financial resource for PKA and not only contributes to its development and growth, but is also a confirmation of the successful cooperation so far.