Establishment of Tech4Meat Ltd.

11. 01. 2024

Together with partners Katja Križman and the Cobik Institute, we founded Tech4Meat lt., a company for development and innovation.

The companyTech4Meat Ltd. will be engaged in the development and production of cultured tissues, including the sampling and harvesting of cells, their cultivation and differentiation into tissues, and finally the extraction and preparation of cultured tissues for marketing and consumption without conventional livestock farming. The company’s activities will also include the entire process of so-called hybrid products, where the final product contains a certain percentage of cultured tissues mixed with plant-derived ingredients (meat from plant proteins), the development of technologies for the preparation of cultured tissues, including the production of the necessary media for the cultivation of the cells, the production of various proteins and hormones for the needs of tissue cultivation and cell differentiation, as well as development of process and software equipment. In addition, they also include research and development related to cultured tissue and related activities such as training or consultancy. The company will be based in Ajdovščina.