First ideas for the new neighbourhood “Galaksija” along Šmartinska Street in Ljubljana

13. 12. 2023

In September 2022, the Boscarol Ltd. company purchased a nearly 10ha plot of land in a strategic location in Ljubljana, on the outskirts of the BTC, called the “Žito complex”, where various buildings with different commercial contents are currently located, mainly built alongside the Žito industrial plant.

The company has assessed that the location has a great potential for new facilities, which can complement the range of services in BTC itself as the largest shopping center in the country, which already hosts a large number of other facilities and is visited by over 20 million customers annually.

Our company is facing a challenging task, because we have a unique opportunity to create something original that will meet both the new lifestyle and trends of the future of the new generations in particular, as well as the familiar needs for tradition and habits that our mature years bring. An urban mix of living with the new needs of everyday family life and work, services, business, relaxation and quality of regular life. All in one place, ” reflects Ivo Boscarol.

An important emphasis is placed on the arrangement of green areas, which provide a natural environment and freshness amid urban dynamics and transport connections. Given the conditions of the spatial planning acts (amendments to the Municipal Spatial Plan are in progress) and the geographical characteristics of area itself, several renowned experts and architectural bureaus offered help to our company and presented their solutions. We present two interesting proposals which, in addition to modern residential and service facilities, also emphasize additional hotel accommodations and various forms of recreation and entertainment (on the links below).

Protim Ržišnik Perc d.o.o., arhitektura in inženiring

More about the project on the Protim website: Revitalization of the Žito area

LUZ – Ljubljana Urban Planning Institute d.d.

More information about LUZ on their website

It should be noted that these are the only two proposed solutions that our company has received so far. We have already submitted an initiative to the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL) for the amendment of the OPN, necessary for the completion of a unified building complex, and we are working with the MOL and BTC to coordinate , purposes and enterprises in order to make the final solution as user-friendly as possible, but at the same time complementary to the current range of services of the area and integrated into the city’s urban plans and needs.

If it is possible to unify the current three different areas of use into one, further activities will be carried out in the direction of a multifunctional small green city; otherwise, of course alternatives will have to be considered. In any case, this is cleary a long-term process involving several stakeholders, as it is necessary to verify the classifications of use according to new concepts and, above all, suitable business models and actual market needs, which will develop in the coming period.

Existing activities will continue on the site, as it will take several years to bring on the transformation of the area, where thorough strategic considerations and partnership links will undoubtedly be important.