Ivo Boscarol contributed to Boris Tomašič’s Guinness World record

29. 09. 2023

In September 2023, Slovenia got a new world record holder. On 24 September, Slovenian economist and TV presenter Boris Tomašič, who hosts the Nova24 talk show “Kdo vam laže” (“Who is lying to you”), started the longest talk show in history.
It lasted 73 hours, 23 minutes in 21 seconds, in total more than three days without a break. In doing so, he broke the previous Guinness World Record for the longest talk show in history, which was 72 hours and 18 minutes. He hosted one interviewee every hour, more than 70 in total, day and night.

He hosted one interviewee every hour, more than 70 in total, day and night. He hosted the show himself all the time throughout the record-breaking period, and according to the rules, he could afford a 5-minute break every hour. There were at least 20 viewers in the studio with him at all times and the phone lines were open for questions.

The show featured guests from a wide variety of fields, including Igor Lukšič, Bogomila Ferfila, Tina Bregant, Miro Petek, Uroš Urbanija, Martin Strel and Rok Marguč. Aleš Hojs, Aleš Primc, Boštjan M. Turk, Igor Ogorevc and others also participated.

Boscarol during his speech

The honour of being present in the studio at 18:18, when the record was achieved, went to Ivo Boscarol. During the conversation, he stressed the importance of such events for the pride and self-confidence of Slovenians. Among other things, he said, “Slovenes lack pride in their history. We have history!”

The audience gave a standing ovation, golden confetti poured from the ceiling, and the official representative/judge of the Gusiness Book of Records entered the studio and presented Boris with a plaque, which officially confirms his success.

“I think you have done one huge thing. Something that was recorded forever and not only in Slovenia. I think that we have and will carry the name of Slovenia to the world. We have proven that there are no obstacles for us,” said the host upon the achievement.